“Inland Empire” and “Eyes Wide Shut”


An alluring and deep film from David Lynch in which Nikki Grace an actress who slowly begins to arrogate the facade crated by her character in a film which slowly engulfs her world to become parallel the role given to her.

Nikki Grace an renowned actress is invited to take on her biggest role yet playing the role of Susan Blue in the production of “On High In Blue Tomorrows”. As the production of the film ensues the Director, Kingsly Informs the actors that they are in fact doing a remake of an old unfinished Polish film Called “47”. The Polish film was said to have been abandoned because of speculation that the movie was cursed. The director has guaranteed that it is nothing but a myth, however several disturbances occur on set which have no sort of explanation available.

From here on the life of Nikki begins to take on traits of the film they are making putting the “curse” of the old polish film into debate. On her day off she begins to dissolve into the world of her character Susan Blue. As the role of Susan immerses Nikki’s life a confusion between what is seen as reality and what is seen as part of the film. The Curse seems to have materialized but continues to baffle the audience whether or not it is real or not with this transition between the two realities.

Inland empire by far one of the most dizzying movies i have ever seen. A film filled with Polish killers, multiple personalities, muddled prostitutes, and the sort of stench that certain scenes leave you are of no help. To truly understand the film one must watch it; i could go into full detail and try to illustrate the film to others but it would be futile. Viewing this film was truly a different experience. The film is very dark any mysterious but has moments of relief as the director provides some lighter, funnier scenes. As the film travels through the past, present, and future as it relates to the thought processes that go back and forth constantly within our own minds and unconscious. This film is not for the lazy film viewer. if you’re looking for a film with a linear and clear-cut story then this film is definitely not for you. However if you appreciate a more non-linear enigmatic film, you should definitely go and see this movie. The beauty of this movie i believe is in its ambiguity. It is this uncertainty that gives film viewers multiple ways of interpreting what the film is all about. Inland Empire will leave you trying to process and digest the film for hours, even days or it will leave you speechless and “mind f***ed”. No matter what, It will definitely leave a lasting impression.


When I heard of Eyes Wide Shut, I thought the title was ironic because the words when put together are contradicting. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, the stars of the movie, were a couple back then when the movie was filmed, so I assumed that the film would be a romantic drama. But as soon as the movie started I already knew that it would have a sexual theme.

The conflict of the film started when Alice (Nicole Kidman) and Bill (Tom Cruise) was arguing about how Bill never felt jealousy for Alice and how he feels so secured about his wife. Alice took it negatively when he told her how he was so sure about her. That’s when Alice got mad at Bill for underestimating her in their relationship,which led Alice to confess to Bill that sometime in their years of marriage she cheated on him with a naval officer. Bill was extremely disturbed by what he had learned about his wife and started having images on his mind, of what could probably have happened to his wife and this naval officer on that night. Since then, Bill has been attempting to have sexual encounters with other women to try to get back at his wife. It led him to discover a sort of underground cult brothel. Seeing this really creeped me out, I thought that what they were doing was dark and scary, with the chant included during this ritual that was being performed. It will definitely give you goose bumps, but I was so taken aback when those masked people, formed in a circle at the center of the hall, wearing the black cloak, took it off and revealed nothing but women wearing nothingbut panties. As the movie went on the house turned out to be an orgy house or more like an exclusive brothel for elites, where people just casually have sexwhile other people can see them. When the party was over Bill attempted to dig deeper about this organization but was not able to find any more information. Inthe end, Bill ended up telling Alice his little adventure, especially about this brothel he had visited lately. Astonishingly, Alice took this lightly, she didn’t react to such extent I would expect any wife would, if she learned her husband’s where abouts were places like this. This gave me the sentiment that this might be because Alice might have worked for this people a long time ago and this isn’t something new to her.

The ending of the movie was very puzzling for the fact that it wasn’t really clear whether some scenes were just a fantasy or real. When I saw the mask beside Alice I thought it would end as Alice having this dream about his husband looking for something, but it didn’t really turn out that way. Other than this, I have noticed that the film was about a couple trying to save their crumbling marriage. There is somehow a challenge of fidelity among Bill after learning about his wife’s infidelity to him.

Overall I think the movie is very intriguing and puzzling. How it is interpreted will depend solely on one’s perception. There is so much more to this movie than the sex and explicit details which I’m sure what one would see first before the symbolism in the movie.

To sum it up, what can be taken from these two movies that seem worlds apart is the prominence of the thin line between reality and fantasy. Normally, we are used to movies having clear delineations between what we should construe as reality and what we should take as fantasy. However, that is not always the case, and there probably are no two better movies than those to illustrate this point. The ability to apply this skill in thinking critically can be extremely useful in viewing other films like “Eyes Wide Shut” and “Inland Empire”.


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